My OC’s ~ Kate Maze

Hey everyone, so I’m back now. I am here with an OC I made for a Death Note Fan fiction. I will post the info for her brother sometime. Anyways, here it is, for your enjoyment! Continue reading My OC’s ~ Kate Maze


Happy World Otaku Day!!!

Hello Otaku’s from all over. Today is a very special day that you are allowed to shine and show your true anime loving pride. Now I would like for everyone to remember that this year, to show your pride, you should write otaku :3 on your wrist. We hope to see you all okay. By the way, this isn’t the first time the color’s have been mixed up like this, but just in case you still don’t get it.

Hi, this is Mimi14Senpai, and when me and Lilly/Lil/Lotus/Lo colaborate, I am red

Hey otaku’s, this is Lotus/Lilly, and when we work together on a post, I am blue

When we both think of what to put at the same time, It is purple.

We just thought we should tell you that, anyways, I hope you all have a fun World Otaku Day! Enjoy the anime and have a good rest of the day, good-bye.

Yeah, See ya soon.


What’s up readers. I hope you enjoy this blog. If you like it, please show others. Looking for 1 million views. If you enjoy reading stories, or are looking for a contest, this is the place. I will do a few writting contests, and if you win, your entry will be posted on this blog. Have fun and keep an open mind to creativity. Thats all, bye!bff

Trying to explain(chapter 1)

How are you, I figured that I would put a story on here now, enjoy!

The original site for this is Trying To Explain.

Trying to explain

Chapter1 (v.1) – I have a secret  


Author Chapter Note

This is the first chapter. You learn about the problems that young Amy is facing in her life. She is the main character of the story. You are also introduced to Amy’s family. Her father, three brothers, and four sisters. This part is really depressing, but keep on reading. You will not be disappointed.

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